West exploiting women fold, deprive her of respectable status: Siraj

ISLAMABAD: Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, has said that the west, after having failed in all its conspiracies against Islam, had now attacked the sacred family relations in order to create distances between husband and wife, daughter and her father and the mother and her dear son.

He was addressing the Hijab Conference organized by the JI women wing at a local hotel. Islamic Ideological Council member, Begum Samiha Raheel Qazi, Dr Durdana Siddiqui also addressed the moot at which Begum Qazi Husain Ahmed, Aisha Munawar and Begum Sirajul Haq, were also present.

Sirajul Haq said that the west had been exploiting the women folk, deprived her of her respectable status and reduced the women to a market commodity. On the other hand, Islam had afforded the women folk sacred relationship as mothers, sisters and daughters. He said the west was bent upon shattering the relations taught by the Holy Prophet.

He said that the JI was striving for the rights of the women folk, The JI wanted a society where the women were given due respect and their right of inheritance was protected. He said he had already demanded of the Election Commission that only those male candidates should be allowed to contest elections who provided a certificate of having given their womenfolk their inherited property.

Sirajul Haq further said it was the responsibility of the state to provide facilities of education and health to the girls and women but added that no government so far had done this. He said that the women folk comprised half of the world population and added that the development of the country was not possible by denying the women their lawful rights.