Wildlife sanctuary-cum-zoo to be set up in Mian Ghundi National Park Quetta

ISLAMABAD: The Balochistan Wildlife department has made all arrangements to establish a wildlife sanctuary-cum-zoo in Quetta’s Mian Ghundi National Park for providing a dedicated research facility for animal life conservation and public recreation.

An official of the Wildlife Department told reporter that a new zoo would be established in the Mian Ghundi National Park with maximum facilities for its visitors.

“The required funds have been allocated for setting up the zoo in Quetta on modern lines, ” he said, adding the initiative was aimed at creating a platform for scientific research on wildlife.

The Chief Minister has also directed to build rest areas in the National Park.

He said that basic infrastructure along with five guest houses would be constructed in the National Park and concrete steps would be taken for the development of the national parks.

Balochistan government was also planning to establish eight zoos under the Ten Billion Tree Tsunami Plantation Project for protection of wildlife found across the province.

“It has been decided in principle to hire consultants for materializing the eight zoo projects under Ten Billion Tree Tsunami Project, ” said the official.

He said an extensive awareness drive was afoot to sensitize the citizens about importance of wildlife for the ecosystem. The drive was meant to discourage poaching, a major threat to the wildlife, in the province, he added.

“Zero tolerance has been adopted against poaching and hunting of animals and birds, ” he remarked.

The official said locals were also being engaged to conserve the wildlife in the province.

Concentrated efforts were underway to improve condition of all the national parks in Balochistan.

He said it had been decided to allocate funds for the National Park Development Projects in the next budget.