Women opt for alternates of tomatoes owing to surging prices

ISLAMABAD: Women once considering tomatoes as an essential commodity for preparing daily meals were moving to opt its substitutes owing to the increase in its rates in the markets of federal capital, like other cities.

The prices of tomatoes have registered a significant increase from Rs. 80 and above per kg to Rs. 250 and above during the last couple of days after which campaigns with the slogan ‘Say No to Tomatoes’ were continuing on social media urging people to stop buying tomatoes.

Use or not to use tomatoes in the daily meal is the question for all in the prevailing price hike situation which has reduced the purchasing capacity of the buyers.

Naila Inam, a house wife said,”Tomatoes are not that much necessary item for preparing food and yoghurt or ketchup can be used as alternate depending on what we are cooking”.

“Spending Rs. 200 for buying one kg tomatoes is not a feasible idea rather it is better to use two or three table spoon of yoghurt in curry instead of tomatoes”, she said.

Samina Mushtaq, a working women said,”We are not concerned about the reason of surging prices of basic commodities like tomatoes, onions etc., the thing we only know is that only a common man is the sufferer when such situation occurs.”

“Tomatoes once were so cheap that people used to buy for throwing on some one as a form of protest but now every one has to think twice before buying this special commodity,” she said.

Tomatoes have become a matter of concern for users of social media and they are raising their voices. Fakhar ud Din tweeted “high increase in rates of commodities in Pakistan. In future, people will pay tomatoes, potatoes instead of cash where required”.

Asad Rehman tweeted, “As we boycotted the use of fruits in Ramzan and it worked, Its time to boycott the use of tomatoes, Say No to Tomatoes”.

Anusha tweets, higher prices pose risk to security of tomatoes, risk of theft increases, tomatoes need security.