All state institutions, federal, provincial governments must be on one page to defeat menace of coronavirus epidemic

ISLAMABAD: Parliamentary Secretary, National Health Services Regulations and Coordination Nausheen Hamid Sunday said that all the institutions, the federal and provincial governments and general public must be on the one page to defeat the menace of Coronavirus epidemic from the country.

In her Exclusive interview with PTV, she said cooperation of all sections of the society to stop the spread of COVID-19 would be appreciable as otherwise we would have to face disastrous consequences if we behave in an irresponsible manner adding she said we need cooperation of everyone to the quarantine process commenced with the objective of protecting citizens of this country.

She said people should pretty aware of the virus related preventive measures and should not be feared of this virus as it would help stop further spread of the Coronavirus.

Covid-19 has emerged as a global challenge thus it should not be considered as a political issue, she mentioned.

She said the opposition will have to play a responsible role in national interests and she invited opposition to sit with the government and formulate a long-term reforms programme to address economic challenges of the country.

She said the government and the opposition should jointly make efforts to tackle the spread of coronavirus and hopefully National Assembly session on coming Monday would be a fruitful for the welfare of the country.

She pointed out that coronavirus situation in Pakistan is different as compared to other countries and can be improved by adopting precautionary measures.

Nausheen said no nation of the world can fight Covid-19 alone and there is a need of unity to overcome this challenge.

Replying a question, she said the government has limited resources and cannot provide relief to people for a long period of time , adding, now economic activities will resume after the government’s decision that would help revive the economy.

The economy of Pakistan was not in good condition but COVID-19 has damaged it further so the government’s decision to open industries will result in repair of the economy, she added.

People will start getting jobs. But we strictly have to follow the SOPs and guidelines to prevent spread of Coronavirus as issues by the government as prevention is better than cure, she added.