Ashrafi plans establishing Pak-Arab Federation for better coordination with Arab countries

ISLAMABAD:Special Aide to Prime Minister on Religious Harmony and Middle East Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi said that Pak-Arab Federation would be established for better coordination and further strengthening ties with the Arab countries.

Talking to ambassador of Oman in Pakistan, Al- Sheikh Muhammad Al-Umar Ahmed Al-Marhoon and Iraq’s Ambassador to Pakistan Hamid Abbas Lafta, he said the federation comprising Islamic countries’ scholars, businessmen and public representatives from Pakistan and various Arab Islamic countries would be set up after completing consultation process. The bilateral ties and coordination with Arab Muslim countries were being reinforced.

He said the government wanted to strengthen ties in every fields including culture, economy, tourism and religious affairs with Arab world.

Ashrafi said Kashmir and Palestine were burning issues of Muslim Ummah, which could be resolved through unity of Muslim Ummah. Pakistan enjoys historic ties with Oman, the neighbouring Muslim country. The Balochs residing in Oman and Balochistan too.

Oman’s Sultan and Ameer-e-Kuwait have played very effective and influencing role to make reconciliation among Gulf countries, he said and adding that it is heartening to note that the leadership and people of Oman and Iraq were willing to strengthen and promote relations with Pakistan.

The investors from Arab countries would be facilitated to invest in Pakistan. The employment opportunities for Pakistanis would also be explored in Arab countries.

The envoys said Pakistan has always played very effective role in strengthening ties with the Muslim countries, which would be further grow during the tenure of Ashrafi, a special representative to PM on Middle East.