Changing weather pattern effecting crops: Spokesman PMD

ISLAMABAD:As the weather pattern has changed with having below average rainfall during the ongoing winter season has a negative impact on agriculture sector specially at the time of yielding, said Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) Dr Khalid Malik on Sunday.

Talking to reporter, he said rain usually seen beneficial to crops and fields, but there was an ‘ideal’ amount of rainfall in any given growing season for most crops, adding he said if the average rainfall was much lower or higher than the ideal, it could lead to significant problems, from drowned crops to lower yields.

Further he said there was a direct relationship between climate and agriculture however when rainfall patterns change, it effects directly the cropping patterns.

He said as a result of depletion of the ozone layer, there will be more heat trapping gases in the atmosphere, which, according to climate models, will shift rainfall and precipitation patterns in two major ways whereas rainfall and agriculture was that rainfall was the major factor in the growth and production of food crops both at the germination and fruit development stage.