Countrywide mosques to adopt condemnation resolutions to mark Kashmir Solidarity Day : PM aide

ISLAMABAD:Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Religious Harmony and Middle East Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi Wednesday said Kashmir Solidarity Day would be observed on Friday to reiterate unconditional support of Pakistani nation to the just struggle of Kashmiris for their sacrosanct right to self determination under United Nations.

Talking to media persons, he said condemnation resolutions would be adopted in across the country mosques, besides highlighting gross human violations in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) in Friday prayer sermons.

The Kashmir and Palestine issues are the problems of the Muslim Ummah and the time for their solution is near.

Condemning the false rumours being spread about the ongoing corona vaccination drive, he urged the people to get themselves vaccinated with complete satisfaction.

He said that Darul Iftaa had already issued a fatwa declaring that vaccination against Covid-19 was helpful in its prevention according to research conducted by renowned medical specialists.

Lauding 500,000 Covid-19 vaccines donated by China, he said China was all weather friend of Pakistan.

In response to a question, Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Mahmood Ashrafi, Chairman Pakistan Ulema Council, said that the blasphemy law was not being misused. No one was using this law for personal purposes.

He said action had been and would be taken against those who fan hatred or spread anarchy in the country.

Speeches and writings that spread hatred and violence were not allowed in any society, he added.

A conspiracy is hatched to spread sectarian violence in the country before and after Muharram. The government took steps against such elements and maintained peace and stability, he said.

Brushing aside the allegations of the forceful conversion of minority community girls, he said the incidence of forced conversions were steadily declining in the country.

He said that minorities had full protection in the country and there was communal harmony.

“Some evil elements are spreading negative propaganda for nefarious purposes, there is complete sectarian harmony in the country, inter-sectarian differences and those who try to make a difference will fail. We will not allow anyone to spread political, religious and sectarian strife in the country”, he added.

He said the incumbent government would go all out to protect the honour and dignity and finality of the holy prophet (PBUH).

A global committee should be constituted for effectively protecting the honour and dignity of the holy prophet (PBUH).

He said the OIC (Organisation of Islamic Cooperation) had already adopted a Pakistan-sponsored resolution urging the UN Secretary General to initiate a global dialogue to counter rising Islamophobia and promote interfaith harmony.

To another question, Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Mahmood Ashrafi said that some political elements were trying to create misunderstandings about Pakistan’s relations with Arab Islamic countries for personal gain.

The relations between the Arab countries are improving further in the economic and cultural fields and those who want to rupture these relations will fail. Such elements should refrain from their negative intentions and propaganda.