Dr. Mazari assures missing person’s families to redress their grievances; urges to call off sit-in

ISLAMABAD:Federal Minister for Human Rights, Dr. Shireen Mazari Saturday assured the families of the missing persons to redress their grievances and asked them to call off their sit-in.

The federal minister, on the directives of the Prime Minister, Imran Khan, visited the families of the missing persons staging sit-in outside National Press Club (NPC).

Dr. Mazari conveyed the Prime Minister’s message that he would meet a three-member representatives committee from the families of missing persons in March and asked them to end their sit-in. The meeting would be arranged by Dr. Mazari would arrange this meeting.

The families of missing persons were also urged to hand over the list of their missing persons to Dr. Mazari so that their status could be ascertained and conveyed to the Prime Minister before the meeting with the families’ representatives.

Talking to the federal minister, Dr. Mazari, the families requested to give priority to the missing persons of the 13 families present at the sit-in which the minister noted.