Ijaz asks nation to follow SOPs on Jumma tul Wida, Eid

ISLAMABAD:Minister for Interior Brigadier (R) Ejaz Ahmed Shah on Thursday urged the nation to follow standard operating procedures (SOPs), the government announced to contain the spread of coronavirus, while observing the Jumma- tul- Wida and celebrating the Eid-ul-Fitr.

In a video message, he said “I request the people to follow the SOPs announced by the federal and provincial governments while observing the Jumma tul Wida and Eid- ul- fitr.”

He said asked people to keep distance while offering Namaz and wear masks at public places.

He also advised the people not to hug each other on Eid day as per the SOPs and just extend Eid greetings maintaining the advised distance.

He said like other parts of the world, Pakistan was also affected by the deadly COVID-19 and till date about 980 people died due to this disease in the country.

The minister said that following the SOPs in letter and spirit would ensure the peoples’ safety and they would be able to celebrate Eids in future too.

He said from the day one it was the stance of the Prime Minister Imran Khan that lockdown would badly affect the daily wagers and poor people.

He said keeping in view the difficulties of the daily wagers and poor people, the Prime Minister announced the ease of the lockdown. The Supreme Court had also asked for opening of plaza and shops, he added.

“Easing lockdown does not mean that the coronavirus has ended in Pakistan. The virus is still there and will remain till the development of vaccine and medicine” he added.

He also prayed to Allah Almighty for the safety of people from such a disease.