India stands fully exposed; world must act against it now: Qureshi

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi Monday said as India stood fully exposed, the world community should act against it taking Pakistan’s dossiers containing solid evidences seriously.

The foreign minister, in a statement, said on November 14, Pakistan had put forward undeniable evidences of Indian state terrorism and sponsorship of militants. Moreover, the revelations by EU-based DisinfoLab had further exposed Indian designs, he added.

Responding to the revealed transcripts of conversation between Indian Republic TV founder Arnab Goswami and former CEO of the Broadcast Audience Research Council Partho Dasgupta, the foreign minister said, “India stands further exposed (with) leaked chats revealing staggering new low.”

“Staging ‘false flag’ (operations), stoking hypernationalism, unholy BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) – crony media nexus & endangering regional security. RSS-BJP rogue regime have no credibility going to any lengths to get to and stay in power, ” he said on Twitter.

The foreign minister, in another statement, said Pakistan had already made it clear that under a false flag operation, India could take any step to disrupt regional peace.

He said just to win the elections, the Modi regime had killed its 40 soldiers. Instead of condoling over the killings, their blue-eyed TV anchors declared it a win for the Modi government.

The foreign minister said India was poised to ruin the regional peace to achieve political gains and deviate attention from internal situation.

He said Pakistan showed restraint on February 26 when India attempted to attack it, and returned the captured (Indian) pilot as goodwill gesture.

Drawing the world community’s attention, Qureshi said the new US administration was about to assume power on January 20, which always advocated for human rights and dispute resolution through dialogue.

He said India, which used to criticize Pakistan’s media, had been exposed after revelation of a nexus between the BJP government and the media.

“How an anchor got the secret information before time. Was it a planned leak to create a conducive electoral atmosphere, ” he remarked.

The foreign minister said the neutral Indian journalists were raising questions on the nexus. At this time, he said, the Pakistani media must play its role to expose India and make the new US administration realize the level of threat to regional peace posed by Indian designs.

He said after revelations by the media, the European Union started a debate on the Kashmir issue.