Interior Minister warns opposition not to ‘drag’ Army into politics

ISLAMABAD:Minister for Interior Sheikh Rashid Ahmed Monday warned that the opposition leaders attempt to drag Army into politics would be harmful for democracy, besides benefitting Pakistan’s internal and external enemies.

“Opposition parties should play a responsible role and avoid dragging Army into politics for the national interest”,,he said while talking to a private news channel in his reaction on the PDM’s an irresponsible and immature statements on Monday.

The Interior minister lashing out at the opposition parties said that the day of their accountability had come that was why politicians affiliated to opposition parties were making hue and cry, to escape accountability.

He said opposition leaders should avoid such immature statements which could prove harmful to democracy, national integrity and security institutions and benefit Pakistan’s internal and external enemies.

Sheikh Rashid said that opposition’s recent statements about Army was highly condemnable and such narrative was only aims against the interests of Pakistan, adding opposition leaders should repent over their negative politics.

He said Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) was only busy in getting political point scoring instead of standing with common people, adding, there was no future for those who were speaking against the state respected institutions.

Replying a query, he said government was no longer worried about PDM’s long march and they would be welcomed on March 26, adding, “they can even held their long march on Februry 26 instead of March 26”.

He said PTI-led government would not create any hindrance for the long march being planned by Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), towards Islamabad.

He said all the deadlines given by the opposition benches to dislodge the PTI government had been failed.

The date of long march announced by PDM today towards Islamabad would once again met the same fate, he added.

He also made it clear that Prime Minister Imran Khan would never allow opposition an NRO, as he was committed to held all corrupt elements accountable across the board.

He predicted that coming days of PDM would be more difficult adding, PDM was close to split up and as they have no any unanimous agenda.