Int’l Mother Language Festival held at Lok Virsa

ISLAMABAD:National Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage (Lok Virsa) Sunday organised Mother Lanuguage Literature Festival to celebrate the importance of mother languages in the country.

The well known scholars and language experts participated in the discussion and emphasized to promote the preservation and protection of vernaculars of Pakistan.

Speaking on the occasion Prof Saeed Ahmed said that promotion of linguistic and cultural diversity was an important cause which highlighted the cultural potential of Pakistan to the world.

He said that measures should be taken to preserve, protect and promote the languages of Pakistan.

He said this unique festival had become essential part of cultural scene of the federal capital.

Chairman intl Sufi Foundation Pakistan,Dr Saghar Abroo said that Pakistan was a multi-cultural and multi-lingual country with its linguistic diversity carrying the rich traditions of music, literature, poetry and other forms of arts.

He said that this festival provided a platform for celebrating all 70 plus languages of Pakistan and encouraged language communities to take action for saving these languages from extinction. “We are striving for equal dignity and respect for all Pakistani languages as they represent rich heritage and folk wisdom of millions of Pakistanis,” he added.

Linguistic expert and head of Language department in NUML,Dr Amir Zaheer Bhatti said that People should have knowledge about mother languages.

A person can learn seven to eight languages easily, so many languages should be taught to people, and they should speak many languages.”

“Now it has been admitted at the international level that cultural diversity is the strength of nations and can resist against terrorism and extremism by promoting culture”, he added.

‘We have very rich literature, and we have to give a message that all the languages of Pakistan are Pakistani languages,” he said.

Many other well know writers and intellectual participated in the event.