IT ministry to notify ‘Right of Way’ policy soon

ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication would soon notify ‘Right of Way’ (RoW) policy, making a significant development towards fulfilling the vision of Digital Pakistan.

Under the policy, a fee structure has been introduced to operate in the required areas to prevent overcharging, as well as telecom installations to be classified as “critical infrastructure”.

Under this, no one would be allowed to obstruct or create unnecessary problems.

Other important issues, including “Common Services Corridor”, security of telecom infrastructure have been included in the RoW policy and all concerned agencies and administrations would be bound to follow it.

Federal Minister for IT and Telecommunication Syed Amin Ul Haque has said that the Right of Way Policy will play important role for the completion of Digital Pakistan Vision.

He termed the approval of Right of Way Policy by federal cabinet as historical success of Ministry of IT & Telecom.

In a statement on Wednesday, the Minister thanked to Prime Minister, federal cabinet, PM Taskforce and all concerned departments on endorsement of Right of Way Policy.

He said that no government in the past gave any importance to Right of Way Policy.

Federal Minister said that Right of Way Policy will pave way for laying of telecommunication network and digitalization. It will be helpful for removing hurdles in way of laying fiber optic cable and telecommunication extension across country, he added.

The key features of Right of Way Policy are: Fee determination, dispute resolution, national security, safety and protection from health hazards, telecom as critical infrastructure, sharing of Right of Way, security of telecom infrastructure and common services corridor.