IWMB protects injured White-eyed Buzzard with child’s help

ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB) has successfully secured a badly injured White-eyed Buzzard, a common bird of prey resembling a local kite, with the help of a teenager who timely brought the agonized bird for rescue.

The Buzzard was brought by a child and his father who was unable to stand on its claws due to some severe injury, Assistant Director IWMB Sakhawat Ali said while sharing the unprecedented story of rescue to reporter.

He said the Bird was received by the IWMB staff that carefully observed it and initiated the first aid treatment. “The child has been amazed to witness such love for the wildlife by the IWMB staff where the Wildlife officials also reciprocated similar sentiments for the child and his father for such a responsible conduct and thanked them.”

Sakhawat said the bird remained in that disabled condition for a week where it was fed by hand with meat, injections and medicine to recover completely. The staff daily observed the health and diet of the Buzzard and after getting stable was left in 30′ by 30′ cage to revive its flight capability, he added.

“During the Buzzard’s captivity into the cage, its diet (chicken meat) was hidden inside the confine so that it could search and eat its meal and rehabilitate its flight ability after a gap due to injury.”

Since, he said there were very few such instances that people show such affection and care towards wildlife species; however, successful revival of a tormented bird back to its habitat in wild was a great achievement.

After a two weeks treatment the bird was released into the wild successfully with a great effort of the IWMB staff and the entire board was glad to serve the purpose of protecting the wildlife of the federal capital, he added.