JKNF calls for shutdown on Jan 21 to pay homage to Gawkadal massacre martyrs

ISLAMABAD:Jammu Kashmir National Front (JKNF) Tuesday appealed to the Kashmiri masses to observe a complete strike on January 21 to pay homage to martyrs of Gawkadal who on this day in 1990 were mercilessly gunned down by the Indian occupation forces.

A spokesman of the Jammu and Kashmir National Front (JKNF) party in a statement issued here termed it as one of the most brutal massacres in Kashmir’s recent history.

He said that on this fateful day at least fifty persons were killed on the spot when Indian occupation forces opened indiscriminate fire on a peaceful procession at Basant Bagh, Srinagar.

He regrettably noted that since the onset of the ongoing resistance movement in 1989, a number of incidents of mass killings have been reported in which hundreds of innocent and unarmed people including men, women and children fell to the bullets of the Indian military and paramilitary forces.

He said that despite the passage of 31 years, the victims of the Gawkadal massacre were still wandering from pillar to post in search of justice.

“Investigation reports submitted to the government had established the Indian army’s direct involvement in these horrendous incidents of the violence but no action whatsoever was taken against the perpetrators”, the spokesman said adding that it was high time that the international community should play its much needed role to hold Indian government accountable for the crimes its troops have committed against Kashmiris.