Let’s clear some facts; Miftah open pandora box on LNG/ LNG Terminals: Zaidi

ISLAMABAD:Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs Ali Haider Zaidi on Wednesday said that let’s clear some facts now that Miftah Ismail had decided to open the pandora box on Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and LNG terminals.

In a statement on social media networking site, he said “Firstly, terminals set up under Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) Government are not the cheapest.”, adding that “In fact, they are amongst the most expensive globally.”

He also shared on social media a comparative chart on global LNG terminals (land based & FSRUs) from worlds leading LNG consultants WoodMackenzie.

He said that it clearly showed dozens of terminals cheaper than the two developed by PML-N, adding that “Miftah is caught misrepresenting facts, just like his corrupt leadership.”

He said that Miftah’s claimed: “Tariff on terminals is guaranteed! Below is Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) determination of March 2020 of terminal tariff charged to customers.”

He said that it clearly states $2.2895/MMBTU and not $0.44 cents/MMBTU.

“This is called capacity charge, payable to operators irrespective that we use them or not” he added.

The minister said “thirdly, will Miftah care to explain why Azam Sufi the then head of Pakistan LNG Terminals Limited (PLTL) was asked to resign? “Facts are that he was rightly not budging on liquidated damages assessed on the second terminal set up by Pakistan Gas Port Consortium Ltd (PGPCL) and some other illegal orders of Miftah and his boss Khaqan Abbasi” the minister said.

He said that “Lastly, can Miftah enlighten if a certain “son in law” met Petroleum Ministry officials to negotiate a side settlement with the PML-N government to waive the LD Charges on PGPCL of approx $50 million?”