MoHR spending Rs 59.7 million for organisational goals

ISLAMABAD:The Ministry of Human Rights is spending Rs 59.7 millions during the financial year 2019-20 for effective strategic planning, research and new development initiatives for organisational goals.

An official MoHR while talking to reporter said that the project aimed to undertake strategic planning, research and new development initiatives for organizational goals and institutional objectives in order to create a permanent mechanism by strengthening development.

He said that PC-I of the project was prepared in consultation with MoITT and NITB for establishing “E-Office Application Suite’ in MoHR and approved by DDWP and the project would also strengthen internal communication.

The objectives of the project was to improve internal communications and to bring efficiency, accuracy, effectiveness, transparency, and accountability in decision making.

He informed that the project would strengthen and upgrade existing ICT infrastructure of the ministry by providing latest IT equipments, logistic support and human resource to implement E-office application.

The project has been developed for reforming and automation of Ministry of Human Rights as per Federal Government’s strategy to improve efficiency and accountability of the Federal Government through establishment of “E-Office Suit” in Federal Ministries/ Divisions, he said.