Pak-EPA asks locals to apprise IMT project impacts

ISLAMABAD:Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency (Pak-EPA) on Tuesday asked the local masses to apprise the authority on impacts or concerns pertaining to Islamabad Model Town Zone-IV housing project.

The environmental watchdog held a public hearing of the Islamabad Model Town Zone-IV (IMT) housing project’s Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) here with Pak-EPA Director Labs Dr Mohsina Zubair in chair at the project site.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Mohsina said the project implementing authorities should resolve the concerns of the local masses and take into account any adverse impacts of the housing scheme on the indigenous communities.

She urged the masses to approach Pak-EPA office for suggestions or any concerns that were taking place due to the project implementation.

The local area residents and owners of the land acquired by the IMT proprietors expressed satisfaction on the project implementation and made no concerns.

The IMT officials apprised the Pak-EPA Director that all of the procured was barren where the local owners were being paid handsome sum in lieu of their land and requisite arrangements were ensured to mitigate environmental damage to the environ.

Consultant for the project Syed Rizwan said a dedicated sewage treatment plant and solid waste management system on scientific IRRC methodology were to be developed in the IMT. It would reduce liquid and solid waste pollution risk and would make it a sustainable development project.

He added that every plot owner in the IMT would be bound to set up rain harvesting tanks in their premises to meet with the water consumption needs. Moreover, a rainwater collecting would also be constructed in IMT for charging surface water and an alternate source of water, he added.

The IMT was located at the junction of Park View and Bahria Park Enclave in Malot area of Zone-IV lying in the federal capital.

There were around 259 residential plots and over 30 commercial plots in the 421 Kanals housing scheme of IMT with as many as 15 percent green areas in the IMT.

The project implementing authorities had developed the EIA report of the IMT as per the Pak-EPA guidelines and would also submit its environmental reports of before project implementation, during development work and post construction impacts to the Pak-EPA.

The public hearing was attended by local area residents, students and media.