PDMA to get 10 more model ambulances

ISLAMABAD: Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) Balochistan would get 10 more model ambulances to assist local cops with emergency situations.

Balochistan government has equipped the authority with modern and heavy machinery to deal with challenges in case of emergency and disaster in the province, spokesperson of Balochistan government told.

The authority is fully equipped to take proactive measures to deal with the disaster situation ensuring full assistance to the affected people of the province.

The government had allocated budget to strengthen the PDMA for coping with impending disaster risks and better disaster management, he added.

He said that the province had been badly affected by disasters in the past and the provincial government had taken various initiatives for immediate measures to tackle disaster and such situation.

He said the vehicles and heavy machinery of PDMA would be used for the relief and rehabilitation works in the flood, earthquake and snow sensitive areas.

He said the PDMA had the mandate to ensure protection of the people, property, infrastructure and material resources to minimize the loses.

PDMA has been making its arrangements following the weather conditions, adding that data was being collected on daily basis.

“A wireless communication system has been introduced and formally established by PDMA. Walki Talkies and others wireless sets have been distributed which will help the disaster management officers to remain in contact in the hard disaster struck areas, ” it added.

“Base sets have been installed in the rescue centres including at Sariab Road, Spinney Road, Deputy Commissioner Office, control room at PDM office, logistic station warehouse, ” it informed.