Persistent dry weather effecting public health: Dr Rozina

ISLAMABAD:Hospitals have registered a sharp surge in the patients of lungs’ infections, skin allergies,viral infections,cough and flu due to prolonged dry spell.

Health experts informed that dust and increasing air born pollen level have increased

due to dry season and citizens needs to take precautions to keep them safe.

A health expert Dr Rozina Hassan on Sunday said since last two months

average rain level remained low below normal which caused dust pollution, adding,

disease like malaria, typhoid, eye allergies, skin irritation has increased in the twin cities.

She told reporter impacts of climate change owing to environmental degradation resulted in warming temperatures, changes in precipitation, increase in the frequency or intensity of extreme weather events which were a major cause of these diseases.

She advised people to increase water intake, consume healthy food and avoid unhygienic and oily food to protect them from such diseases.