PLA donates first foreign military COVID vaccine assistant to Pakistan military

ISLAMABAD:The People’s Liberation Army (PLA), People’s Republic of China has donated COVID-19 vaccine for Pakistan Armed Forces which is the first ever military assistance of the Chinese nation to foreign armed forces.

“Pakistan military is the first foreign military to receive vaccine assistance or donation from PLA,” said the Director General of Inter Services Public Relations (DG ISPR) in a media statement issued here on Monday.

The Armed Forces as per its spirit of serving the nation first in all times had decided to donate that tranche of vaccine for administration to frontline healthcare workers.

“However, keeping with the Pakistan Armed Forces ‘traditional spirit of’ nation comes first, always and every time’ it has been decided to contribute complete vaccine donation, by PLA to Pakistan military, in the National vaccine drive to be administered to front line healthcare workers across Pakistan who are real heroes fighting against pandemic and Saving precious lives.”

Pakistan’s Armed forces, he added extended their deepest gratitude to PLA and People’s Republic of China for this magnanimous donation during testing times.