PNCA holds event to mark Kashmir Solidarity Day

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan National Counsel of the Arts (PNCA) Friday has organized a number of programs in its auditorium to celebrate Kashmir Solidarity Day in full swing.

A children’s cultural show was presented in which children presented tableau to highlight Indian atrocities on unarmed children, the elderly women and youth in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) and call on the United Nations to take steps to stop atrocities against Kashmiris.

In the sketches, the children reflected the closure of schools in the valley, ban on education and confinement in their homes and children also sang Kashmiri songs and national anthems.

In their speeches, the children expressed their support for the Kashmiri people and the children also protested against the silence of the international community over the ongoing Indian atrocities and genocide in the Kashmir Valley.

A stage Play “Zindan ” was presented in which the artists performed in which the plight of the Kashmiri people was highlighted.

Well-known Kashmiri singers Bano Rehmat and Imran Khan paid homage to the martyrs of Kashmir through Kashmiri songs and saluted those who struggled. Artists from PNCA’s National Performing Arts Group performed Kashmiri dances.

An exhibition of photographs was also displayed, based on the story of atrocities against Kashmiri Muslims at National Art Gallery.

Director General PNCA Dr. Fauzia Saeed while praising the performance of the children said that today the whole nation has to show solidarity with the Kashmiri brothers.

She said that Indian Army’s have been exposed their inhumane treatment to innocent Kashmiris.

She said that Kashmiris have been oppressed for 73 years and for the last 18 months India has intensified its atrocities on Kashmir.

She said that i hope that by uniting all voices we will bring the world its attention to Kashmir’s issue.

At the end of the program, Dr. Fauzia Saeed gave shields to the participants.