Providing justice to masses at their doorstep top priority: IGP

ISLAMABAD: Police is organizing “Khuli Katcheries” in the city to resolve public grievances and to provide justice at their doorsteps.

Police spokesperson said in the light of the orders of IGP Islamabad Qazi Jameel-ur-Rehman, 10 Khuli Katcheries have been organized so far in which large number of local dignitaries, civil society, business community have participated and this initiative will continue.

During the Khuli Katcheries, the officers listened to the issues of citizens, various problems were solved on the spot and while other were assured to be resolved soon on merit.

These Khuli Katcheries were very popular in the public and the initiative of the police is being appreciated.

IGP Islamabad in his message said that the purpose of holding these Khuli Katcheries is to solve the problems faced by the citizens on priority basis, to promote the police community, to reduce the gap between police and public, to give access to a common man to senior police officer. Objective of this he said, was to eliminate menace of corruption and to ensure prompt justice by finding out their problems.

The IGP said that, when true justice is provided to the people at their doorstep, these measures will enhance the honour and dignity of the police.

He added that the step will remove barriers between the police and the public, and create an atmosphere of trust.

“When public issues will be resolved automatically, citizens will be happy to help the police in curbing crime”, IG Islamabad observed.

The IGP directed all senior officers that they must listened complaints of citizens and welcome them in Khuli Katcheries with open arms and provide maximum relief to them.