The Human Right Resource Portal to cover comprehensive training resources

ISLAMABAD:The Human Right Resource Portal to cover comprehensive training resources and materials will be available online for the use and benefit for human rights practitioners and personnel.

Talking to reporter the Secretary Ministry of Human rights informed that training resources would cover a range of topics such as Pakistan’s International Human Rights Obligations and Human Rights Data Collection and Documentation fot the benefit of rights practioners as well as researchers.

He further said that these custom training resources aims at enhancing capacity of the judiciary, prosecution, and law enforcement agencies.

“The Human Rights Resource Portal is an important and innovative initiative that increases the availability and accessibility of information that was integral for promoting greater awareness about importance of human rights in Pakistan,he added.

Ultimately ,”we are hopeful that it will cultivate greater civic engagement and play a part in creating an enabling environment for citizens to exercise their rights in Pakistan.”,he remarked.

The Secretary for Human Rights, Inamullah Khan also spoke about the significance of this initiative said that “The collaboration between the European Union and the Ministry of Human Rights in establishing this portal was a quintessential step towards ensuring good governance.

“The platform will ensure that students, academics, practitioners, policy makers and the general public have access to updated and relevant information for the protection and promotion of human rights in Pakistan.”,he remarked.

He stated “Access to information is crucial for citizens in an open democratic and transparent society. The comprehensive collection and digitalization of key information about Human Rights in Pakistan and open access to all Pakistani citizens is an important step towards this goal.”,he added.