The prime minister said following its unilateral actions of August 5, 2019

The prime minister said following its unilateral actions of August 5, 2019, India had also lost the support of residual few Kashmiri leaders, who were now calling for freedom. No pro-India politician would ever be able to win election in the IIOJK.

He said he tried to rectify ties with India through dialogue and seek the Kashmir dispute resolution under the UN resolutions as “there is no other way”.

Imran Khan said just to attract anti-Pakistan votes, Modi pre-planned the Pulwama attack and Balakot strike damaging his “much-loved” trees in Pakistan as the conspiracy had been exposed through the chat of Indian news anchor Arnab Goswami.

Moreover, Indian propaganda against him and the Pakistan Army through hundreds of fake websites was also exposed by EU DisinfoLab, he added.

“We were trying to develop friendship but they were stabbing us in back, ” he remarked.

He said any society having pursued RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh)-like agenda was destroyed, which also divided the Indian society where the Muslims were being discriminated and other minorities felt scared.

He said Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) always strived to unite the people. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Nelson Mandela were revered just because of their role to unite the divided societies.

Pursuing the vision of great leaders, he said, he also desired to unite the people and work for the uplift backward societies.

On the contrary, Modi was dividing the Indian society and in fact laying the foundation of the country’s destruction, he added.

Calling India to resolve bilateral issues with Pakistan through dialogue with the reversal of August 5, 2019 actions and grant of self-determination right to the Kashmiris as preconditions, the prime minister said Pakistan was ready to talk to India. But its quest for peace must not be misconstrued as weakness, he added.

“Never misunderstand that our offer for friendship is based on any fear. This is the country of Allah’s believers, who are afraid of nothing except Allah, ” the prime minister remarked.

He said his government was alive to the sufferings of the people living along Line of Control facing Indian aggression and had prepared a relief package for them.