Theater Wallay to arrange online recitation of Manto’s humor

ISLAMABAD:Art group theater wallay would arrange an online Urdu humor’s recitation session for Urdu lovers who were staying home during the pandemic of corona virus in the country.

The online session will go live through Facebook live on Saturday night where art enthusiasts from team Theater Wallay will recite the best Urdu humor written by Saadat Hassan Manto and Krishan Chandar in a unique manner.

According to the team TW, people know about the serious aspects of writings of these greats writers of Urdu literature but their humorous pieces rarely got the same attention as their short stories and novels.

Team members Safeer Ullah Khan will be reading Manto’s famous letters to Uncle Sam and a rare piece by Krishan Chandar which were written long ago yet they are so relevant today.

The stream will go live on official page Facebook page of Theater Wallay.