Two-day consultative workshop on antimicrobial resistance concludes

ISLAMABAD:A two-day consultative workshop organized by UK aid funded programme Fleming Fund Country Grant Pakistan – DAI’s for the capacity building of Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) staff and to cover the basic concepts of antimicrobial resistance concluded here on Thursday.

The objective of the training was to introduce the staff of DRAP and regional provincial regulatory bodies with the importance of antimicrobial resistance and the stewardship programs that could be established to cop the issues related to this matter.

Chief Executive Officer DRAP, Asif Rauf said, “We cannot succeed without visibility and strengthen of our governance system, and for that we are introducing

a centralize system for all the provinces while ensuring the continuous liaison and training of the professionals.”

Director Division of Pharmacy Services DRAP, Dr Abdur Rashid said, “We highly appreciate the efforts of Fleming Fund, who dedicated its financial support on AMR. We are facing hurdles in the data collection and surveillance system of AMR and with the help of DAI Fleming fund I believe we will be able to surpass this hurdle,” he said.

The second day was commenced with the event recap by Ayyaz Kiani, the DAI Fleming Fund Consultant. Followed by the presentation and discussion on Data Visibility and Antimicrobial Consumption Dashboard by Dr Marianne Holm from CAPTURA.

The keynote speaker Dr Huma and Dr Arif Azad gave a presentation about Antimicrobial Consumption Surveillance and the way forward for National Antimicrobial Strategy to tackle AMR, leading to the group activity.

During the presentation Dr. Huma said, “AMR is a global threat, and DAI is facilitating the government and ensuring capacity building of stakeholders across the country.”

Later, DAI Fleming Fund Head Dr Ayesha Rasheed thanked the participants and the speakers for joining the event. She also thanked for the robust partnership from the provinces besides leadership role of DRAP.

She added, “Today I am happy to see that we are deepening our engagement not only federally but provincially as well.”

The session was closed with the certificate distribution by Asif Rauf Chief Executive Officer DRAP, Dr Abdul Rashid Director DRAP and Dr Ayesha Rasheed Head of Fleming Fund DAI.