UNICEF gears up for refugees childern immunization in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD:The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has made all preparations to support vaccination coverage and health services for refugee children under the age of five in the country to ensure maximum child health and immunity.

The UNICEF immunization project had received funding

contributed by King Salman Centre for Humanitarian Aid and Relief

(KSrelief), said a document of UNICEF Pakistan available with reporter.

“Three projects with a total value of US$12.1 million were

approved by the Fund’s Governing Council. These projects, to be

implemented in partnership with UNICEF, target mainly refugee children

in Bangladesh, Jordan and Pakistan.”

This initiative of UNICEF would play an important role in reduction of

the current number of 250,000 children who die every year before their

first birthday, said the UNICEF.

The immunization was aimed to overcome 250,000 deaths per year, due to

crumbling immunity and weak health among new born children before

reaching the age of one year, around the globe mostly taking place in

low income developing countries, it added.

It is pertinent to mention here that globally, 2.4 million

children had died in the first month of life in 2019 – approximately

6,700 neonatal deaths every day – with about a third of all neonatal

deaths occurring within the first day after birth, and close to

three-quarters occurring within the first week of life, said the

UNICEF data recorded on the issue.