12-year-old girl loses limbs: CM order inquiry

KARACHI: Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah has expressed his displeasure and shock to know that a quake in Pangrio (Badin) adversely infected arms and legs of a 12-year-old girl while providing her defective medical treatment.

The doctors in Karachi left with no options but amputated her legs and arms just to save her life.

A 12-year old girlm Najma Khaskheli, suffered from diarrhea and her father took her to a clinic in Pangrio where she stayed for three days. When she returned home her arms and legs started swelling. Her father, Hanif, a donkey-cart rider, rushed to the same clinic but the doctors/quake referred her daughter to Karachi.

In JPMC, the doctors severed her arms and limbs because infection had set there deeply.

The chief minister has directed the Chief Minister Inspection Team (CMIT) to start inquiry urgently and take interviews of the doctors or quakes who treated the poor girl right from the first day and trace out where it went wrong that the poor girls had to lose her limbs just for her life.

“This is extremely painful and heart-breaking to see a poor girl with bandages on her chopped arms and legs,” he said and added from how much anguish, distress and despair the innocent girls would be passing through to find herself in the plight of life-time disability could be imagined easily. This is a crime against humanity and must be dealt accordingly.

He urged the Chairman CMIT to take it (inquiry) personally and report him within seven days. This is serious and “I don’t want to spare the quake whosoever he is,” he said.

The chief minister also directed the Health Minister to start crackdown against the quakes in every nook and corner of the province. “For God sake down allow them {quakes} to play with the lives of poor people just for few coins,” he emphasized.