A separate dept suggested for creating aware of entering into tax net

KARACHI: A separate Department is needed to create awareness among the public regarding the benefits of entering into tax net and having registration of various facilitating government institutions.

This was stated by Asim Tiwana, Director, Domestic Commerce Wing, Ministry of Commerce, Islamabad, during a meeting with the members of Lasbela Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), The Managing Director, LIEDA and other stakeholders held in the Office of the Lasbela Chamber to discuss the issues being faced by them all and to find a possible solution.

Earlier, the LCCI President, Ismail Suttar while welcoming the guests from federal and provincial governments gave a briefing about the Hub industrial Area having about 200 industries including those operating in Marble City and the some of big industries in Pakistan and the multinationals.

He pointed out that the industries and the people of Hub are suffering from the shortage of water and the distribution formula for the supply of water to Karachi and Hub should be reviewed keeping in view the increasing needs of Hub. He also pointed out that proper sewerage system is needed for outside industries and up-coming localities at Hub for which the local government should submit a comprehensive proposal to provincial government.

He also pointed out that due to shortage of electricity load; it has become difficult to set up new industries and to expand the existing ones. Bashir Ahmed Bazai, The Managing Director, LIEDA informed that immediately at-least 10-15 Mega Watt load of electricity from K-Electric is required to cater to the needs of the existing and up-coming industries.

Ismail Suttar also proposed that the HITE Phase – II should be declared as SEZs keeping in view the investment potential of the area particularly in the wake of CPEC. Asim Tiwana noted the proposals for taking up the same with relevant authorities to resolve the same.

In response to a question from Mohammad Siddiq Rafee, V.P. LCCI regarding the formulation of Labour laws in Balochistan. He informed that at federal government level, the uniformity of these laws in all the provinces is being ensured. Regarding the availability of skilled labour at Hub, he proposed that the existing technical institutions should be upgraded in order to produce the skilled workers in accordance with the need of the industries.