Activists seek safety at workplace for domestic workers in the country

KARACHI: Women activists taking strong exception to sudden surge in crimes committed against domestic workers have demanded revision in the law ensuring physical security as well as protection of their right to safety at work place.

Shireen Aijaz, representing National Commission for Human Rights urged the concerned authorities to strictly implement the law regarding mandatory registration of domestic workers with equal attention that children

under no condition be allowed to work as domestic help nor are they separated from their respective families.

“Stringent measures coupled with a pragmatic approach are required to end child labour,” said the activist.

NCHR coordinator said Sindh police must also set-up dedicated counters in each of the police stations, across the province to curb instances of violence committed against women under one or the other pretext.

Mehnaz Rehman, Resident Director, Aurat Foundation, sought adequate activation of the office of Sindh Ombudsman established to protect the rights of women workers, mainly associated with public sector institutions.

She said there was urgency to adopt adequate and fool-proof measures to create safe working atmosphere for every working women, without any distinction and discrimination.

“We need a wholistic approach towards safety of women workers with equal attention towards their right to work,” she said reiterating importance of their physical and emotional well being.