Altaf for construction of small dams to protect from flood

KARACHI: Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), chief Altaf Hussain has called for the construction of small dams for protecting the loss of life from rain and flood water.

He said that a network of small dams should be constructed in the country and the MQM is ready to present unconditional services of its experts for this purpose, said a statement issued by MQM here on Tuesday.

Altaf said that the devastation caused by flooding was much beyond the available resources in the country.

The absence of adequate water reservoirs had not only caused large-scale loss to the life and property of common people, but it had also hit the already dwindling economy of the country, he said.

Altaf said that the long-term and short-term projects should be shelved for the time being and a network of small dams should be built on emergency basis.

He said that no time should be wasted for constructing these small dams.

He said that the MQM had never opposed the construction of large dams in Pakistan.

It had not opposed the Kala Bagh dam just for the sake of opposing it. Rather the MQM had given voice to the feelings of strong reservations of the people of Sindh, he said.

Altaf said that construction of small dams is necessary to save the country from heavy losses caused by flooding. Construction of new water reservoirs would also have favourable impact on the economy of the country.