Authoritarian approach in Sindh made PPP a threat to democracy: Haleem

KARACHI:Leader of the Opposition in Sindh Assembly, Haleem Adil Sheikh, Wednesday, democracy is in danger in Sindh due to undemocratic attitude of PPP.

He, while talking to media persons at Sindh Assembly, said that PPP already was a security risk for the country but now it has become a threat to democracy as well.

He said that due to the authoritarian approach of PPP, there was a civilian dictatorship in Sindh Assembly and leader of the opposition had not been given a chance to speak on floor of the house.

“Turning my microphone on has become a serious issue in Sindh Assembly,” he sarcastically added.

Haleem Adil who is also Central Vice President of PTI said that opposition in Sindh did not have representation in Public Accounts Committee and other standing committees of the provincial assembly nor can they move a motion or resolution.

The opposition leader said that he had written a letter to the President of Pakistan, Prime Minister, Speaker of the National Assembly, the Chairman of the Senate, the Governor and chief ministers of all the four provinces and members of the National and Provincial Assemblies to let them know that all democratic principles and norms were being violated in Sindh.

“Civilian dictatorship reigns in the province and last rituals of democracy were being offered,” he added that people of Sindh were deeply concerned over the current undemocratic policy of the PPP.

Haleem Adil Sheikh said that provincial minister Mukesh Kumar Chawla’s statement on the assembly floor in this regard was factually wrong. “We did not boycott the process of formation of the Public Accounts Committee nor did we insist for chairmanship of the committee,” he said adding that government did not present any proposal to opposition in this regard.

He also took exception to provincial minister’s view point on issue of missing wheat and said that it was reported in a cabinet meeting that 1.6 million sacks of wheat went missing from government warehouses.

He added that wheat worth Rs. 380 million had spoiled while mice had eaten wheat of Rs. 14 billion in warehouses of food department and grime and dust was mixed in the wheat that was being supplied from the warehouses to the flour mills.

Haleem disclosed that wheat was sold on fake cheques under Rahupoto system leaving the food department in debt of Rs 150 billion.

Referring to issue of Nasla Tower, he held Sindh government and its officers responsible for miseries of the victims and said that they were bound to compensate the affected families.

He said that federal government had provided Sindh government funds for assistance of Gujjar Nala victims which were not being provided to them. He also pointed out another land scam in Taisar town where thousands of acres of land was being sold on fake and counterfeit documents and alleged that Commissioner Karachi was also involved in it.

Haleem Adil Sheikh addressing the Sindh government said that they should not ransack future of officers working in Sindh. PPP has put the future of all officers at stake for protecting a few officers like Hassan Naqvi, Maqsood Memon and Farrukh Bashir who were their accomplice in corruption, he observed.

PPP was insisting to retain certain Deputy Commissioners and SSPs of their choice because they wanted to win upcoming elections by exploiting their authority as those officers had been used in the past to achieve desired results.

He said that civil service officers were good people but Sindh government was making them controversial by not relieving them.

“What compulsion do you have that you do not want to leave this province?” Haleem Adil Sheikh asked and urged the officers to abide by the rules and regulations as they were required to serve in different provinces and positions across the country prior to holding grade 22 posts.