Best way to counter Diabetes is Healthy Diet: Wasim Akram

KARACHI: Roche Pakistan Limited hosted the launch event of their new and improved blood glucose meter “Accu-Chek Instant S” at a local hotel in Karachi. Mr. Sohail Malik (Head of Diabetic Care – Roche) informed the audience that; “with the prevalence in the country there is a need to constantly monitor the blood glucose level”.

He further added “keeping in mind the needs and change in the modern era the new blood glucose meter is designed to improve the quality of life.” He further said that; “in Pakistan there is NO strategy or policy of reducing the burden of Diabetes so in near future Diabetes will be a major healthcare risk”.

Mr. Sohail Malik further added that; “according to a research approx. 10 % of Pakistani population is suffering from the disease and we are ranked 7th on diabetes prevalence list”. His advice to audience present was to monitor their glucose and exercise to avoid the complications in diabetes and reason for this advice is that the prevalence of diabetes in Pakistan is high: 12% of people over 25 years of age suffer from the condition, and another 10% have impaired glucose tolerance (IGT).

Chief Guest for this launch event was legendary Pakistani cricketer Wasim Akram who informed that; “diabetes is not a fatal disease and he had diabetes since 1997 and had continued playing at top level world class cricket till 2003”. He further informed that; “he is fit because of his healthy lifestyle and constant monitoring of blood glucose levels”.

According to Wasim Akram’ “today’s youth is getting all sorts of latest and advanced technology which results in them getting lazy by every day, due to lack of much physical activities the prevalence of Type 2 Diabetes is increasing, which is very alarming for the country like Pakistan which has the large human capital”.

Upon asking, the legendary cricketer said that; “he is happy with the performance of the young Pakistani cricket players in the recently held tournaments. He advised the team to work together and focus on their goals. According to him, the boys have improved in all the three areas in order to win”.

Brand Manager Accu – Chek Active Wajid Siddiqui briefed on finer aspects of Accu Chek Instant S and informed that; “when it comes to blood glucose meter, Accu Chek is the largest selling brand. It serves 100 countries with 25 million customers around the globe. The number one goal when creating this new Accu-Chek Meter was to provide an easy to use and accurate solution for people with diabetes. “We want to help people with diabetes worry less and get some relief from their daily diabetes tasks”.

The Accu-Chek Instant S meter makes self-monitoring effortless and convenient which means less time thinking about diabetes management routines. The new meter is not only advance, effortless but also pocket friendly.