Committee constituted to investigate strange disease among children of Tando Allahyar

KARACHI: Sindh Minister for Health, Dr. Sikandar Mendhro has constituted a committee comprising senior professors of medicine from different medical universities in the province to ascertain the exact nature and cause of an unidentified health condition causing death of children belonging to the same family in Tando Allahyar.

Provincial health department sources here on Friday said Minister alongwith Minister Imdad Patafi, an MPA from Tando Allahyar had also recently visited the district and personally examined the other children of the concerned family being provided medical assistance at Combined Military Hospital.

Three of the children belonging to an extended family living together in a jointly owned residence, had lost their lives only recently due to an unusual condition that is yet to be adequately diagnosed by the doctors.

Alarm was raised by the medical association of the area as two more kids from the same family were brought to a local hospital with the similar symptoms registered among their unfortunate cousins.

Sindh Health Minister, himself a doctor by qualification following discussion with the medical team looking after the kids directed immediate formation of a committee of experts to ascertain the cause and recommend needed intervention.

Sindh Health Minister and Minister for Works and Services,Imdad Patafi have also assured the concerned family that all needed assistance will be provided to ensure survival and protection of the children.

The kids who lost their lives were aged between five to eight years and were residents of a village in district Tando Allahyar.