Demonstration of the Thread Face Lift Technique by Dr. Tania Hassan

KARACHI: As Pakistan’s population becomes more globally aligned in lifestyle choices, it is becoming increasingly easy to access resources and service providers that aim to improve quality life by allowing a person to maintain a youthful appearance and by that an exuberant self, for longer than ever heard of before, in this region.

One such person, is Dr.Tania Hassan Shaikh who is a member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and a specialist in photo-rejuvenation, laser application, aesthetic skin resurfacing and correction. Holding a B.DS from LUMHS and diploma in aesthetic medicine from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine followed up with a master-level course in Thread Face Lift at the AAAM Cosmetic Surgery Hospital.

Recently, a work shop and live demonstration of the Thread Face Lift technique, was conducted by Dr.Tania Hassan Shaikh.

The event was attended by a large number of people and while women came in larger numbers there were participants from all ages and walks of life. At the workshop they were able to interact with Dr.Tania and witness the procedure as she performed it on a patient. They were able to ask questions, share their feelings and views on the technique, with representatives of the print and electronic media at the event.

A live demonstration of such a revolutionary appearance correction and enhancement technique proved to be of great value to attendees and her interactive approach and was highly appreciated by all the attendees. They said that is boosted their confidence and not only added to their knowledge but also allowed them to interact with the doctor and patient to get their views on the details of this quick and simple procedure that has such lasting effects.

Talking to the media at the event Dr. Tania explained, “The thread lift is a minimally invasive appearance correction and enhancement technique meant to address sagging under-lying tissues of the cheek, neck and jaw line. The absorbable threads are embedded into the skin and soft tissues and provide support that lasts for longer than any other procedure earlier practiced to achieve exceptional results”

When asked about how she would compare the thread lift to a full face lift procedure, she replied,”A thread lift is far less invasive than a facelift surgery, and it carries inherently much lower risks and downtime.” She said that only a qualified person can offer a complete assessment of a person’s candidacy for any type of facelift, but in nearly all cases it was better to opt for a thread lift especially as a fast convenient, less invasive, anti-aging technique, designed particularly for people experiencing early signs of aging, such as minor sagging.

One of the attendees at the event remarked, “What I find most amazing about this procedure, after having observed it from start to end that all it took was just over an hour! And the results are immediately noticeable. It’s safe especially ere as I can see the care being taken, and above all it’s a convenient alternative to traditional, costly and painful surgery. This is truly amazing!”

Dr.Tania Hassan Shaikh plans to hold more such events at different locations to spread awareness and build confidence among people.