Do justice to Aafia, Fowzia demands from Pak, US governments

KARACHI: Aafia Movement Pakistan leader Dr Fowzia Siddiqui has asked the governments of the United States of America and Pakistan to do justice to the Pakistani mother Dr Aafia Siddiqui, who is completing her seventh year in US prison on this September 23.

She was addressing to a big protest demo in front of the Karachi Press Club (KPC) to highlight the plights of noted Pakistani woman scientist on the eve of her completing first seven years of her long sentence.

Dr Fowzia said that the US President Trump had promised to make the US a great nation again. She said the great nations are made by uphold of justice and equity. She said the US had already shown injustice in the case of Aafia trial. She asked Trump to keep his promise of making America great by doling out justice to Aafia. She also asked the government of Pakistan to correct the incorrect. She said Aafia has suffered a lot due to negligence of the past governments, but it is better late than never. She said time is ripe now for the government to take very serious efforts on the issue of Aafia.

She said that Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi had got the golden opportunity to strongly highlight the issue of Aafia on the forum of the United Nations where the world leaders were present. She said that the building of the UN is just opposite the US court which had handed Aafia this cruel sentence. She said the main question is why Aafia is in the US jail, when she is a Pakistani citizen.

She said in past many opportunities were missed to get Aafia repatriated. She said the US spies like Raymond Davis were released and allowed to go home, but the rulers neglected the issue of Aafia. She reminded that the administration of former US President Obama was ready to repatriate Aafia but the government of Pakistan did not send them official letter in this regard.

Dr Fowzia said the sentence to Aafia is the death of the US justice, and the silence of the Pakistani rulers on this issue is really shameful. She said it is the national demand to release Aafia, adding Aafia is a test case and this case has already exposed many faces. She said many governments in Pakistan changed but no prime minister including Mian Nawaz Sharif fulfilled their promises about the release of Aafia. She said now it is an opportunity for Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan to play a due role in this regard and become a national hero.

She said the real hindrance in repartition of Aafia is not the US administration but the Pakistani rulers and politicians. She said the crime of Aafia is that she belongs to an ordinary Pakistani family and does not belong to the elite class. She said the civil society and rights groups of whole world demand early release of Aafia, who has become an icon of human rights globally.

On the occasion, the protestors displaced a big symbolic uneven scale of justice.