Families busy in decorating Christmas Trees, baking cakes

KARACHI: Christmas preparations are in full swing in the metropolis with community members witnessed busy in shopping for trees, decorations and other accessories considered to be essential requirements for every household.

As per tradition and practice, the Christmas Trees do fall in the priority list of most of the Christian families yet many of the local prefer purchase of ready made, artificial trees just a day prior to the big day.

“Prudence and also to enjoy the peculiar festivity feel many of us prefer to purchase the same a little before the actual festival so that all members may participate in its adornment, ” said Sandra D’Souza.

To a query the lady told reporter that many of the families can also be seen going for “homemade tree” again involving most of the family members to get it done as beautifully as possible.

“Yes this is often cost effective and comparatively more presentable, ” she said mentioning that tradition to bake Christmas cakes at home still continue at most of the households.

Frederick Lobo, another senior member of the community in Karachi mentioned that delicacies including traditional crunchy kulkuls continue to be integral part of sweets served to the families and friends during Christmas.

Acknowledging that traditionally prepared dishes served in Karachi during Christmas are mainly Goan origin, he mentioned that during past 20 or so years a diversity could be noticed in the celebrations itself.

Influx of people to the metropolis from other parts of the country can be well reflected during the festival itself as attire of the community members, dishes prepared by them and even the manner to celebrate Christmas appears to be diverse.

Despite this diversity, that holds in itself a certain charm, all followers of Christianity on Christmas eve would be visiting church and participate in the midnight mass with children rushing back to collect their gifts placed under the tree.