Festival of Arts, Ideas

KARACHI: A festival of arts and ideas would be organized in December as part of Pakistan’s 70 years’ celebrations.

It is being held under the auspices of the Sindh Madressatul Islam University (SIMU), an official said here on Tuesday.

The event would comprise of about 50 programmes, concurrently running in a heavily packed program, within three days.

The events include lectures and talk by international scholars and eminent persons of Pakistan, panel discussions on

important issues; depiction of cultural heritage of Pakistan; screening of classic films; performing art shows; exhibitions of

paintings, photographs and documentaries and other such events.

This was pointed out at a meeting of the Coordination Committee of the SMIU Festival of Arts and Ideas, chaired by Dr

Mohammad Ali Shaikh, Vice Chancellor of SMIU on Tuesday.

Dr Mohammad Ali Shaikh said that Prof. Thomas Dahnhardt, Professor, Ca Foscari University of Venice, Italy, Dr. Atsushi

Noguchi, Professor, Meiji University, Tokyo, Japan and Ms Zoe of Sanya University, Sanya, China will deliver lectures on the

subjects related to history, education, languages and socio-economy of the present day world.

He further stated that the panel discussions will be held on the subjects of ‘power of Social Media and Phenomenon of Fake

News’, ‘Pakistan’s Education System: The robot factory’, ‘Women Empowerment v/s Feudal mindset’, ‘Indus Water Treaty and Water

Wars’, ‘Pakistan’s Economic Dependence on International Powers’, ‘Digital Divide and its Impact on Society’ and ‘Climate Change:

An Existential Threat’.