Governor Zubair also received extortion slip in Karachi

KARACHI: Sindh Governor Mohammad Zubair has revealed that he also received extortion slip in Karachi as the situation there was not normal.

Talking to media during a visit to Kharadar General Hospital, Mohammad Zubair said he asked a minister friend to resolve the matter when he received extortion slip in 2010. He said situation in Karachi has improved now with the effort of Sindh government.

“If we want to make Pakistan prosperous then durable peace should be ensured in the metropolis,” he suggested.

Mohammad Zubair further urged media to report positive incidents as their breaking news, adding that Rangers will be deployed in Karachi until the restoration of complete peace.

He said no political party will be given a single penny from Karachi package. He also termed the metropolis appropriate for investment and business.