Journalists attending international media conference meet Sindh Governor

KARACHI:Governor of Sindh, Mohammad Zubair had a detailed meeting with foreign journalists attending the International Media Conference being held in the metropolis.

He on the occasion shared with them series of measures adopted by the government for an independent media in the country besides promotion of strong political and social culture aimed at inculcating tolerance as well as peace at every level.

Sindh Governor hoped that their stay in Karachi and expected visit to other parts of the country will also help to see for themselves the ground realities.

“I hope you will present the true picture and help shunning the negative picture of our country deliberately projected by the enemies and those who hold negative intentions against us,” said Mohammad Zubair.

The governor reminding that Pakistan has suffered the most due to the ongoing war against terrorism, he said despite severe human and material loss the world community in general is yet to be fully conscious of the contributions made by Pakistan.

“Present government has taken tough decisions for restoration of peace,” he said mentioning that journalists in Pakistan have also been an important stakeholder in the task as have stood against extremism and supported the democracy.

On the occasion the guests from different parts of the world acknowledged that journalists can play an important role in bringing the world and its people closer to one another.