KMC advises consumers to pay MUCT arrears for availing 25% discount facility by Dec 31

KARACHI: Administrator Karachi Laeeq Ahmed on Tuesday appealed to consumers of Municipal Utility Charges Tax (MUCT) to ensure early payment of their arrears to avail the facility of 25 percent discount on lump sum payment till December 31, 2021.

“The purpose of this discount is to facilitate the citizens in payment of MUCT arrears and to facilitate the citizens as well us utilizing the generated amount on improving the basic infrastructure of the city, ” Ahmed said in a statement on Tuesday.

The Administrator was of the view that like other sources of income, MUCT is also an important source of recovery for KMC and all possible facilities are provided to the customers of residential and industrial areas in view of importance of MUCT.

He said that KMC is a central civic body and that is why it is working with all stakeholders for the betterment and development of the city.

“All the people living and doing business in Karachi have a responsibility to support the city administration. KMC provides municipal services, fire brigade and medical and recreational facilities to the citizens. Its responsibilities also include maintenance of roads and arteries, maintenance of street lights and renovation of parks, ” he said and added that KMC is carrying out all these works with its resources and cooperation of various organizations.

Ahmed said that every possible strategy is adopted for uplifting the city, adding that the MUCT system and the method of delivery of bills to the customers are also being streamlined so that the customers are not hindered from paying it.

He said that if any citizen has any difficulty in payment of municipal utility charges, he should immediately approach the concerned department to remove any kind of obstruction.

The Administrator said that the Municipal Utility Charges department has been directed to fully cooperate with the consumers.

He said that timely payment of municipal utility charges is in the interest of the citizens as they can contribute to the betterment of the city.

Ahmed added that with cooperation of the people, it will be possible to provide better local government services in different areas.

Civil society and social organizations are already active in this regard and are working on a number of projects in collaboration with different social and welfare organizations.” he said.