KWSB chief assures adequate,regular water supply to Karachi Central

KARACHI:Managing Director, Karachi Water and Swerage Board, Khalid Mahmood Shaikh has sought identification of the areas in central district of the metropolis presently faced with acute water shortage.

Talking to Chairman, District Municipal Corporation (DMC -Central), Rehan Hashmi at his office here on Saturday, the KWSB chief said a uniformity has been adopted in water supply to the


“There is definitely no distinction nor any priorities,” he told Hashmi accompanied by deputy chairman, DMC- Central, Syed Rashid Ali. During the meeting held in a very congenial atmosphere Khalid Mahmood Shaikh also requested the DMC-Central representatives to help in identification of sites where water pipelines may have rusted causing massive loss of potable water.

He assured that immediate steps will be taken to replace the faulty lines with equal care to ensure that water supply to the citizens of Karachi Central is not interrupted under any pretext or reason.

Rehan Hashmi claimed that despite repeated complaints with regard to water shortage and leakage in the water supply lines to the water board office in the district little attention was being paid to

redress the public plight.

Syed Rashid Ali mentioning that it was the responsibility of the water board officials themselves to keep vigil on lines related faults as well as water shortage in any area of the metropolis, drew

attention of the authorities towards mingling of sewage lines and the lines meant to supply fresh water to the citizens.

The situation, he said was adding to the misery of people, majority of whom pertain to middle and low income groups. People were said to be not only constantly exposed to serious health hazards but also financial difficulties.