Martyrs of Karbala’s sacrifices were for lofty principles of Islam: Zubair

KARACHI: The Governor of Sindh, Mohammad Zubair, has said that Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA) and his companions of Karbala offered supreme sacrifices for the lofty principles of Islam.

In a message on Saturday on the eve of Youm-i-Ashur, he said that the sacrifices of martyrs of Karbala were for the cause of righteousness and supremacy of Islam.

Zubair said that the Youm-i-Ashur was for paying tributes and remembering these sacrifices.

He also called upon Muslims of all school of thoughts to foster unity and brotherhood in their ranks.

The Governor said that the law enforcement agencies (LEAs) have made foolproof security for the mourning processions and Majalis as well Imambarghas and mosques.

He pointed out that the spiritual heads of the Bohra community was addressing Muharram majalis in Karachi after quite sometime following the improvement in the law and order situation in city.

Zubair also stressed upon the people to fully cooperate with the personnel of LEAs for the maintenance of law and order and foiling the machinations of the anti-state elements.