Mass transit schemes to be completed at per schedule

KARACHI: Sindh Minister for Transport, Syed Nasir Hasan Shah here on Thursday said all ongoing mass transit schemes will be completed within stipulated time period.

Talking to a delegation of foreign investors, he said coordinated approach has been adopted on priority basis, to help develop a comfortable transport scheme for the local commuters.

The provincial minister for transport and mass transit said a transparent and fair mechanism of ticket collection will also be an essential part of the Green Line and Abdul Sattar Edhi (Orange) Line schemes, scheduled to be completed in next few months’ time.

“Commuters will be issued rechargeable smart cards,” he said mentioning that validity of these will be in accordance to the convenience of the users.

The foreign investors on the occasion expressed their keen interest in the Rapid Transport Scheme and Intelligence Transport System envisaged for different cities in the province.

Director General of Mass Transit Scheme, Mohammad Ather on the occasion briefed the foreigners about investment opportunities in the transport sector in the province and particularly referred to Karachi Circular Railway scheme.