Meeting for Directorate of Anti-Quackery SHCC held

KARACHI: The Convener of Committee, Dr Khalid Sheikh called meeting for Directorate of Anti-Quackery Sindh Healthcare Commission (SHCC) to discuss and decide cases/applications submitted by the practitioners/owners of the property for de-sealing of sealed Healthcare establishments (HCEs) at SHCC office.

The meeting was chaired by Dr. Khalid Sheikh, attended by Jawad Amin Khan, Dr. Razaq Sheikh as member of Committee, Yaseen Veesar Director Anti-Quackery, Dr. Rehan Khan and Dr. Razia Jameel from the Directorate.

The Directorate team presented 104 cases from all 6 divisions of the Sindh before Committee, said the statement released here on Wednesday.

The members of committee scrutinized every case, i.e 24 Hyderabad, 41 Karachi, 07 Mirpurkhas, 04 Sukkur, 04 SBA, 02 from Larkana and 22 appeals for decisions of Committee.

The Committee recommended imposition of Rs 3, 405, 000 (three million four hundred and five thousand rupees) penalties in all cases against the healthcare establishments, which were involved in quackery practices, non-compliance and violation of SHCC Act and Regulations.

Dr. Khalid Sheikh advised to Anti-Quackery Directorate to nominate focal persons for each Division of Sindh to lodge FIR against the quacks, who challenges the writ of state and de-sealing the clinics illegally.

It was decided that property owners of the HCEs, who have rented their premises to the Quacks, will terminate their rent agreement with quacks and get vacate their property immediately.

If any owner found involved to provide support in quackery, the legal actions will be initiated against property owners as per law.

It was also decided to publish a public notice through media to intimate all owners of the property to follow the legal procedure for de-sealing of property.

Any owner who will fail to apply for de-sealing for his/her property the case will be referred for legal actions to concerned authorities.