Mental Health Commission in Sindh reflects government’s commitment

KARACHI: Sindh being one of the first province to establish Mental Health Commission in the country has been able to protect the concerned patients against rampant stigma in the society, said Sindh Minister for Health, Dr. Sikandar Mandhro, here Tuesday.

Addressing a session organized to mark World Mental Health Day 2017, he said it was through close coordination between government and concerned professionals that issue of patients’ stigmatization was being addressed through varied channels.

Besides law we are also using different channels to raise public awareness about psychiatric ailments, he said emphasizing that formation of commission reflects PPP government’s commitment to adopt a holistic approach towards public health needs.

Provincial health minister said people in general need to realize that psychiatric ailments or mental diseases are largely treatable and that proper and timely care can help the patients to recover and contribute to the society like any other healthy individual.

“Society in general and family members of the patients or sufferers have to play a major role in recovery of the sufferer,” he

said urging the need to extend due attention and proper care to the patients.

Dr. Mandhro said the Sindh government fully conscious of its responsibilities towards the patients, has ensured proper functioning

of a well equipped and adequately staffed psychiatry departments in all major public sector hospitals.

There is also a full fledged hospital to treat psychiatric ailments that is thronged by affected patients from across the country, he said.

World Mental Health day 2017 being observed with the theme Mental Health at the Workplace, he said is a much needed reminder to the nations that mentally and emotionally stable people are crucial for their general well being and development.