Minister greets Hindu community on Diwali

KARACHI: Sindh Minister for Excise and Taxation and Narcotics Control Mukesh Kumar Chawla, while congratulating Hindu community living in Sindh on the eve of happy festival of Diwali, has said that Diwali is a festival of happiness and love and peace as well and on this occasion of happiness we should share this with others.

The Sindh Minister Chawla said in a statement issued here on Wednesday.

He said that all minorities, living in Sindh, had complete freedom of expression and follow their religions and customs and traditions and the Hindus of Sindh province were playing their constructive and positive role for progress of Sindh and Pakistan too.

Mukesh Kumar Chawla requested the Hindus community to participate enthusiastically for the development of Sindh and build the image of Pakistan as a peaceful country and nation.