National Security Workshop delegation call on Sindh Governor

KARACHI:A 65 members delegation of participants of National Security Workshop, National Defence University (NDU), Islamabad, headed by Maj. General Asif Ali, HI (M) called on Governor Sindh Imran Ismail at Governor’s House.

The workshop participants were from various segments of the society legislators, bureaucrats, senior armed forces officers as well as representatives from civil society.

“NDU is catering to the needs of the various segments of the society in comprehending security issues viz-a-viz policy / strategy formulation,” said a communiqué.

The delegation had an interactive session with the Governor Sindh. The session reflected upon ways of overcoming budget deficit, low tax collection base, circular debt, undocumented economy, meeting federal obligations within existing NFC arrangements and the perceptions surrounding the prevailing economic environment.

The Governor Sindh in his key note highlighted reasons resulting into more challenges. He counted inconsistent economic policies, poor economic discipline and lack of will to take difficult decisions in the past as major contributors to the economic situation, the government is facing today.

Imran Ismail highlighted the Karachi Transformation Plan (KTP) which has been prepared on the directives of the Prime Minister to address the Karachi’s major problems including sewerage, transport and provision of clean drinking water to the masses.

“It was unfortunate that the resolution to numerous challenges that the people of Karachi face including provision of clean water, sewerage, solid waste management, cleaning of nullahs, and transport had been ignored in the past”, he added.

He also spelled out various infrastructure development projects being executed under Sindh Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited.

“For the first time, 100 projects under the transformation package have been planned which include the finalisation of the K-4 project for the supply of bulk water supply to Karachi; eradicating illegal construction and encroachments along storm water drains or nallahs and settlement of displaced persons in flats to ensure clearance of nallahs and rivers.

Other projects under the KTP deals with revitalizing the circular railway, completing the green line and metro bus service, and carrying out maintenance of identified roads and modernizing the city’s infrastructure”, he added.