Pak Sarzameen Party only ray of hope for people of Sindh: Mustafa Kamal

KARACHI: Pak Sarzameen Party is the only ray of hope for the people of Sindh. This was stated by the chairman Pak Sarzameeen party Mustafa Kamal while commencing on Sindh visit. Mustafa Kamal Addressed public Gatherings at various places where he thanked the public for awesome reception where he further stated that the leadership of PSP comprises of people who have the power to stood up against the tyranny and have thrown away their perks and privileges for the just cause.

Our past illustrates that whenever we were given authority we have set an example of public welfare which has been acknowledged not only by our political rivals but also by entire world. He further said that Sindh is our home and we are out to solve its problem.

This visit does not only hold political significance but it brings the only ray of hope to the people living from Karachi to Kashmore who are forced to live a pathetic life because of incompetent Sindh government. Our mission is to equip the ordinary people of Pakistan Specially Sindh with their basic rights of prestige, justice and authority.

God willingly the next Chief Minister of Sindh shall be of Pak Sarzameen Party and we will disseminate the power and authority to ordinary people of Pakistan especially Sindh as the present and previous governments have utterly failed in providing them with even basic rights.

Pak Sarzameen party’s team is headed by Syed Mustafa Kamal with president Anis Kaimkhani and other top leadership will visit 10 districts of Sindh during present visit. Joining of many prominent political leaders and communities are expected.